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Stay Informed: HubSpot Product Features Update April 2024 Roundup

HubSpot's April update delivers a powerful punch across all its hubs, with a focus on content creation, improved service experiences, and sales efficiency.

Here's a quick look at the some of the key feature updates: 

Introducing Content Hub

HubSpot revamps the content creation experience with the introduction of the Content Hub, a unified platform that seamlessly integrates the functionalities of the previous CMS Hub with a range of brand new content creation tools. This means you can now manage your entire content lifecycle, from creation to publication, within a single, intuitive interface.

Here are the highlights of the Content Hub:

1. Content Remix [Beta]

Stop reinventing the wheel! This nifty feature allows you to repurpose existing content into fresh, engaging assets. Update your content library by easily transforming blog posts, articles, or website copy into new formats, saving you valuable time and resources. As always, be aware of AI generated content - be sure to make the content your own.

Available to Content Hub Pro+ customers.

2. Podcast Tool [Beta]

Have a podcast idea brewing but daunted by the technical setup? HubSpot's got you covered. The new Podcast Tool simplifies podcast creation by allowing you to upload pre-recorded audio files or even generate audio directly from your text content. This empowers you to launch your podcast quickly and effortlessly, reaching a wider audience and establishing yourself as a thought leader in your industry.

Available to Content Hub Pro+ customers.

3. Brand Voice [Beta]

Maintaining consistent brand messaging is crucial, especially when leveraging AI-generated content. The Brand Voice feature ensures your AI-powered content adheres to your brand's unique tone and style. This helps you maintain a cohesive brand identity across all your content channels.

Available to Content Hub Pro+ customers.

You can learn more about Content Hub in our blog, HubSpot Launches Content Hub to Help Brands Create & Manage Content

Service Hub Revamp

The April update brings a revolution to the Service Hub with the introduction of powerful tools designed to elevate your customer service game.

Help Desk (Now Generally Available)

No longer in beta, the Help Desk is now a fully-fledged solution for managing all your customer interactions in one centralized location. This omnichannel workspace equips your service team with the tools they need to efficiently handle tickets and conversations across various channels, streamlining workflows and boosting resolution times.

Available to Service Hub Pro+ customers only.

Learn more here

Commerce Hub Enhancements

HubSpot's April update brings exciting new features to the Commerce Hub, making it easier than ever to manage your online store and streamline your payment processes.

Stripe Integration

Simplify your payment processing by seamlessly integrating your Stripe account directly within HubSpot. This eliminates the need for multiple platforms, creating a unified commerce ecosystem that centralizes all your eCommerce tools. This is especially beneficial for Canadian users!

Available on the Free Tier and above.

PADs for Canada

Now, businesses in Canada can leverage the power of Pre-Authorized Debits (PADs) to collect payments directly through the Commerce Hub. This gives your Canadian customers the flexibility to pay using local bank transfers alongside traditional card payments, catering to their preferred payment methods and boosting conversion rates.

Available on all Hubs and Tiers.

Open Invoice Editing

Need to make a quick change to an invoice before a payment is made? No problem! The Commerce Hub now allows you to edit invoices with ease, ensuring your billing information remains accurate.

Available to all Commerce Hub Customers.

Sales & Service Hub Improvements

The April update also brings a couple of handy improvements to existing SalesHub and Service Hub tools to boost overall efficiency.

Bounced Email Filtering

Say goodbye to inaccurate email analytics! HubSpot now automatically filters out invalid open or click data from bounced emails, ensuring your marketing and sales reports are based on clean, reliable data.

Available on all Hubs and Tiers.

Email Reply Notifications

Stop toggling between your email and HubSpot! This update introduces customizable email reply notifications within HubSpot, allowing you to stay on top of your communications and promptly respond to customer inquiries without ever leaving the platform.

Available on all Hubs and Tiers.

Marketing & Content Hub

The Marketing Hub and Content Hub also received some exciting updates focused on content personalization and leveraging AI for smarter marketing campaigns.

Blog Post Narration

Boost audience engagement by transforming your blog posts into captivating audio experiences. The Blog Post Narration feature utilizes text-to-speech technology to generate high-quality audio versions of your blog content, making your content more accessible to a wider audience and catering to the growing trend of audio consumption.

Available to Legacy Marketing Hub & New Content Hub Pro+ customers only.

AI Assistant for Google Search Ads

Struggling to craft compelling ad copy for your Google Search Ads? Look no further than the AI Assistant! This powerful new addition to HubSpot Marketing Hub empowers you to leverage the power of artificial intelligence to generate high-performing ad copy in minutes. Simply provide the AI Assistant with some basic information about your product or service, and it will create multiple draft ad copy variations for you to choose from. This allows you to experiment with different ad copy options and identify the ones that resonate best with your target audience, ultimately saving you time and resources while boosting your campaign performance.

Available on all Hubs and Tiers.

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Julia Tarini
Post by Julia Tarini
May 9, 2024
Julia brings a wealth of experience to SummitBound - developing and executing successful Inbound Marketing campaigns, and managing client programs.