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We're Here to Help Your Business Grow

With more than 10 years as a Toronto HubSpot Solutions Partner, SummitBound becomes an extension of your marketing department - delivering data-driven Inbound Marketing Strategies that help your business generate more website traffic, convert more leads, and close more sales.

Our Process

At SummitBound, we recognize that every business is unique, and we take a tailored approach to designing Inbound Marketing and HubSpot strategies that meet the specific needs and challenges of your business.

Our process leverages data-driven insights and our Growth Driven Design (GDD)-inspired Peak Performance Strategy to develop Inbound Marketing solutions that are designed to grow your business.


Meet the SummitBound Leadership Team

Our qualified team of passionate Inbound Marketers has many years of experience working together to help B2B small and medium-sized enterprises grow through HubSpot solutions and Inbound Marketing Strategies.

Julia Tarini
Reg Desgroseilliers
Tom Davis
David Terry

Our Proven Success

We've built a solid portfolio of B2B clients over the years. We're proud of our success and we think we're pretty lucky because we get to do what we love most. Every day we help our clients win, hit business goals and realize their vision. Helping our clients grow is the reason why we do Inbound.


Our Story

Here at SummitBound our story begins with The Brit Agency, a renowned Canadian HubSpot Agency Partner offering impactful B2B Inbound Marketing solutions for over a decade. 

Under The Brit Agency banner, we worked with many clients to enhance their Inbound Marketing and website strategies and utilize the power of HubSpot to its utmost potential - helping our clients succeed.

Our journey, as with any Inbound Marketing program, was always destined to evolve. That's why The Brit Agency's strategic marketing services have now been rebranded as SummitBound Marketing.

SummitBound isn’t just a fancy name, it embodies our very ethos and approach to B2B Inbound Marketing. The term “Summit” represents the North Star business goals that we are committed to helping our clients achieve, while “Bound” encapsulates our methodology of using HubSpot-powered Inbound Marketing to move towards that goal. 

As SummitBound, our essence remains unchanged. We’re the same team, with the same values and the same commitment to helping our clients achieve business growth.

Yet we’ve now fortified with a rejuvenated methodology… data-driven Inbound Marketing.

This new outlook represents our commitment to use data to ensure that our B2B Inbound Marketing strategies and HubSpot-focused solutions are helping our clients grow.

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