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HubSpot Launches Content Hub to Help Brands Create & Manage Content

HubSpot has announced the launch of Content Hub, an all-in-one content marketing software that is aimed to help marketers create and manage content across the buyers’ journey.

The announcement - which will see HubSpot’s existing CMS Hub evolve into Content Hub as of April 3, 2024 - will consist of all the existing features from CMS Hub, the introduction of new features for creating and managing content, as well as the transition of relevant content features that were previously housed in Marketing Hub. 

Through Content Hub, businesses will be able to:

  • Drive revenue with tools that help you create personalized content experiences across the buyers’ journey.
  • Increase ROI with AI tools that seamlessly scale and repurpose content across channels.
  • Save time and increase team efficiency with content management and operations all in one place. 

So, Why the Change?

The aim of Content Hub is to bring these new features into one product in an effort to “help marketers navigate a rapidly changing content marketing landscape.”

In today’s Inbound Marketing environment, marketers must:

  • create more content than ever before;
  • distribute it across more channels at more points in the customer journey;
  • make it highly personal to the buyer;
  • and ensure this content is updated over time.

Yet this is increasingly difficult because content demands are growing exponentially, while team resources for marketing are often flat. Organizations typically struggle to identify unique topics that break through the noise and engage their buyer personas, as well as manage and optimize their content to ensure freshness.

To solve this, Content Hub allows businesses to create and manage personalized content experiences that helps brands focus on quality content.

Content Hub’s New Features

The introduction of Content Hub brings with it new features, we’ve highlighted some of them here.

AI Blog Post Generator: Create blog content through HubSpot’s artificial intelligence (AI) blog post generator that allows you to generate blog posts - although it’s important to note that Google’s update in March is cutting down on spam content. It’s critical that when using AI you have human intervention to ensure you’re creating content that is high quality and genuinely valuable for your company’s buyer personas.

Content Remix: This tool allows you to take one piece of content already on your website, and reformat it so that you can re-use it across multiple channels.

Brand Voice: Feed historical content into the AI tool and it can generate and revise content to ensure your organization’s brand voice is consistent.

Blog Post Narration: Seamlessly create audio versions of your written content to increase engagement and reach. Member Blogs: This allows you to make certain blogs only valuable to “members” who are signed in to your website.

Content Embed: Seamlessly embed personalized content from HubSpot into your Wordpress website.

Podcasts: Create and manage podcasts. By providing a written copy of your show’s transcript, the podcast feature can create a podcast for you. Or upload your own file and have it hosted on HubSpot.

Other new features include:

  • Content library
  • Content approvals
  • AI translations
  • Website assistant
  • AI image generation

What do These Changes Mean for Existing Customers?

Existing CMS customers will still have access to all the features included in their current CMS hub subscription, but moving forward HubSpot will only introduce new features to Content Hub. Existing customers who want to upgrade or downgrade their CMS Hub subscription will need to switch over to Content Hub.

Interested in learning more about Content Hub and how it can help your business, or simply need more information about how you can enhance your company’s Inbound Marketing strategy? Reach out to the SummitBound team today.

Tom Davis
Post by Tom Davis
April 4, 2024
With a background in journalism, Tom combines his love of writing and experience in Inbound Marketing to deliver effective content strategies to SummitBound clients.