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How SummitBound Tripled Sculpture Hospitality's Organic Traffic

About Sculpture Hospitality

Through a mutual passion for the hospitality industry, Sculpture Hospitality was founded in 1987 as the pioneering company to develop bar and restaurant inventory management solutions.

Sculpture’s innovative solutions have revolutionized inventory processes, helping bars and restaurants across the hospitality sector to become more efficient and profitable.

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The Challenge


In late 2019, Sculpture Hospitality made the decision to grow its digital presence. While the brand was well established in its market, they were struggling to harness the power of Inbound Marketing to drive organic online traffic to their website.

Sculpture Hospitality wanted to increase  its average organic sessions each month so that they could drive new website traffic, gain new potential business opportunities, and better reach their target audience. 

With that in mind, Sculpture Hospitality wanted to revamp its digital strategy.

The Solution

Recognizing the potential of Inbound Marketing and understanding the gaps in their existing strategy, Sculpture Hospitality partnered with SummitBound (formerly known as The Brit Agency) - a highly experienced and skilled B2B Inbound Marketing Agency.

Understanding the foundational importance of a robust digital footprint, SummitBound’s initial work started by building a brand-new website for Sculpture Hospitality, with emphasis on creating a user-friendly, mobile-responsive, and SEO-optimized website built on answering the brand’s buyer persona questions and solving their challenges.


With the foundation of the new website in place, SummitBound then moved into an SEO content strategy that included:

Audience Research and Persona Segmentation

SummitBound worked with Sculpture Hospitality to gain a unique understanding of its target audience through the creation of buyer personas and buyer journey mapping.


Through segmentation, SummitBound was able to understand Sculpture Hospitality's target audience, their preferences, and online behaviours - and devise a tailored content strategy.

Optimized Content Creation

SummitBound emphasized high-quality, value-driven content based on buyer persona keywords.


This ranged from insightful blog posts, pillar pages and SEO-optimized landing pages that address the specific needs and challenges of Sculpture Hospitality’s target audience.

SEO Enhancement

Keyword research, on-page optimization, and strategic keyword analysis ensured that Sculpture Hospitality's digital presence continues to maintain visibility on search engines.

Continuous Monitoring and Adaptation

By continuing to analyze both Sculpture Hospitality’s website performance and keyword ranking, SummitBound has been able to continuously optimize content for increased organic traffic.

The Outcome

By October 2023, thanks to the strategic and consistent efforts of SummitBound, Sculpture Hospitality has continued to see steady increases in organic traffic. 

From March 2020 to the present day, SummitBound has helped Sculpture Hospitality increase their organic traffic by 300%. This threefold increase was not just a testimony to SummitBound's expertise but also underlined the transformative power of focused, data-driven inbound marketing.

As a result of this increased traffic, Sculpture Hospitality has been able to:

  • Reach their target audience through persona-focused content
  • Increase business opportunities and grow website conversions
  • Strengthen brand identity 

Most notably, the increase in organic traffic has resulted in a 205% increase in lead generation.


Sculpture Hospitality has seen an increase in organic traffic and lead generation since working with SummitBound


average monthly organic traffic increase since working with SummitBound


increase in lead generation since working with SummitBound

“From day one, we were impressed with the entire team at SummitBound. They fit into our organization quickly and immediately learned the inner workings of our structure and industry - for the first time, we finally found an agency that gets us and truly has the same goals. They are not just an agency, they are a true partner!

SummitBound has done an outstanding job not only with their quality of work, timelines and deliverables, but they also understand all the ins and outs of HubSpot everything that encompasses. We highly recommend SumitBound to anyone looking to grow their business and streamline their marketing. They will be our marketing partner for many years to come.

Krista Dinsmore, Vice President of Marketing at Sculpture Hospitality

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