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Rebuilding Arrowsmith’s Website With Buyer Personas and the Buyers’ Journey in Mind

About Arrowsmith

Arrowsmith is at the forefront of developing and using targeted cognitive exercises to drive transformational neuroplastic change.

By strengthening neural pathways in the brain, Arrowsmith is able to enhance cognition and transform lives.


The Challenge


Arrowsmith, a pioneering company focused on leveraging neuroplasticity and cognitive enhancement to strengthen the brain and transform lives, found itself with a complex website that had evolved over time by adding more links, more pages and more subsection content, that made it difficult for visitors to flow seamlessly through their buyers’ journey.

While Arrowsmith’s website was brimming with content, the sheer volume of pages and complexity of the website was becoming counterproductive to the business. With two distinct sections of the business (both B2C and B2B revenue opportunities), Arrowsmith’s website and plethora of web pages was leading to a convoluted buyer’s journey.

With this in mind, Arrowsmith wanted to reorganize and streamline its vast number of web pages to ensure that they were able to target both B2B and B2C customers and enhance the overall buyers’ journey.

The Solution

To address the issue of unorganized content, Arrowsmith partnered with highly-experienced and skilled B2B Inbound Marketing Agency SummitBound (formerly The Brit Agency) to design and build a new website that truly speaks to the Arrowsmith target audience.


To do this, SummitBound:

Created Buyer Personas

To tailor the Arrowsmith content experience for various visitors, SummitBound meticulously crafted buyer personas. These personas represented typical buyers from both the B2B and B2C segments, encapsulating their needs, behaviours, and decision-making patterns.

Mapped the Arrowsmith Buyers’ Journey

With the personas in place, SummitBound embarked on the buyers’ journey mapping process. The objective was clear: guide the visitors seamlessly through the wealth of content. By meticulously laying out the steps each persona would ideally take, SummitBound ensured that Arrowsmith’s content was organized and presented in a way that felt intuitive and effortless to the visitor.

Website Build

SummitBound’s web development team built a brand-new website for Arrowsmith from the ground up. The focus was on intuitive navigation, clear separation between the B2C and B2B facets of Arrowsmith’s businesses (the creation of a subdomain helped create a seamless B2C buyers’ journey), as well as ensuring that content was accessible, engaging and specifically targeted buyer persona keywords.

The Outcome

Arrowsmith’s new website is testament to the strong partnership between the Arrowsmith team and SummitBound, with both companies working seamlessly together to ensure the new website build is clear, valuable and easy to follow for website visitors. 

With the new website, Arrowsmith visitors - whether B2B or B2C - find themselves guided through a carefully orchestrated journey, tailored to the specific challenges, needs and interests of each buyer persona. 

The new website helped Arrowsmith:

  • Enhance user engagement
  • Distinguish the buyers’ journey for B2B and B2C visitors
  • Improved organic conversions by 200% YoY

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